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DMI Holdings is a privately held multifamily investment company that provides investors with a relationship-driven, trustworthy, and profitable partner who implements diversified strategies for growing wealth. We build lifelong relationships with our clients through transparency and by using a disciplined, research-focused approach, aiming to produce above-market returns.

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An Impressive Portfolio

Having a track record is more than trophies on the shelf. Successful investment requires both expertise and experience, and DMI’s principals have been through many challenges and roadblocks to gain the knowledge and wisdom the company possesses today. Since founding the company under the name Diversified Metroplex Investors in or around 2009, DMI has successfully represented third party investment issuers and was an issuer in more than $1 Billion in real estate and business expansion projects. Historically we have organized or consulted on investments with a focus of approximately 70% real estate and 30% business expansion projects.

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Our Team

At DMI Holdings, we understand that a strong team is critical for success, which is why we only work with the best. We have decades of combined experience, allowing us to provide invaluable expertise and insights to our investment partners. 

The DMI Difference

What sets DMI apart from other investment firms? A lot. From our extensive industry experience to our impressive track record, we offer so much more than our competitors. We strive to offer a superior investing experience, which we accomplish by treating each investor as a partner.

Our Strategy​

DMI believes in finding the right partnerships first and the right opportunities second. Every investment is different, but DMI Holdings has a comprehensive process for evaluating and mitigating risk to maximize value. DMI focuses on value-add investments with strong cash flow components.

Strong Partnerships

DMI Holdings believes that investments work because of people, not because of numbers on a spreadsheet. We ensure highly successful endeavors by putting the right people with the right processes in the right places. When you invest with us, rest assured that we'll support you every step of the way.

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