Expanding your Wealth through Multifamily Real Estate Investments

Acquiring Income-Producing Assets

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Mainstream financial planners and advisors have it all backward.

The buy, hold, and pray strategy doesn’t work! Most financial advisors will tell you to buy high-cost mutual funds, hold onto them for years, and convert them into a fixed income product like an annuity.

The problem is that the math is quite depressing.
Accumulating $1 million would give you an annual income of only $40,000 per year!

This antiquated strategy will fail to pay your bills AND prevent you from growing your investment year over year.person holding brown leather bifold wallet

So, what should you do?

You should buy income-producing assets that produce steady cash flow.

Investing for cash flow provides investors financial freedom by owning income-producing assets that can pay for their living expenses and lifestyle!

If you want true freedom and security, you need asset-based investments that accelerate income AND provide preferential tax treatment!

You might be skeptical and think this concept is too good to be true.The truth is, multifamily investing provides access to cash-flowing real estate and incredible tax benefits.

Here are a few unique advantages multifamily real estate provides investors.

  • Write off 50% of the total investment amount in the first year of the deal
    • That means you get huge tax savings in year one!
  • Access to tax-advantaged passive income with approximately 4% – 8% return annually
    • When you buy an apartment complex, you will receive your share of the revenues from rents.
  • Projected 50% – 100% return on capital invested in the first 3 – 6 years while still owning the investment (more to discuss below)
  • Enjoy additional returns when the property sells.

If you are a qualified investor and are interested in getting off the financial roller coaster, start investing in multifamily real estate now and see how it can benefit your family for years to come!

At DMI Holdings, we specialize in finding the best properties with the most experienced property managers. You don’t have to waste your time searching but instead, enjoy tax-advantaged passive income!

So, stop wondering how your investments perform and invest in income-producing multifamily real estate.




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