Looking for alternative strategies to generate passive income?


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Looking for alternative strategies to generate passive income?


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What does your PRESENT, FUTURE and LEGACY look like?

If you cannot describe what your present, future and legacy look like for your family, DMI Holdings will help you define it.

If you don’t have a plan, you’re planning to fail.

In these uncertain times, DMI Holdings provides CLARITY. We work WITH you to review your current financial situation, investing goals and available opportunities. 

Each Investor’s journey with DMI is unique which is why we make ourselves available to discuss your goals and strategize your wealth building-path.

about Club Passive

Club Passive is an Investor Club and Investment Portal for individuals who want to earn passive income and build sustainable wealth through risk-mitigated real estate investments.

With the growing interest in commercial and multifamily real estate, we found many eligible and aspiring investors were struggling to find and get involved in REALLY GOOD INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES. DMI Holdings works with successful and knowledgeable investing experts like Deal Analysists, Real Estate Attorneys and Property Operators to identify and vet the best opportunities for your investment dollars.

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why investors trust us

Recurring compliments you’ll find within testimonials of DMI Investors are “transparency, comprehensive reporting and responsiveness.” Launching Club Passive is our way of saying,

“Come on in. We are an open book.”

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Our typical investor is a business professional looking to diversify, earn passive income and take advantage of all the benefits real estate has to offer without spending the time to master the skills it takes to do so. They understand they cannot do it alone and are looking for a trusted partner. That’s us.

We have helped a myriad of industry professionals double their investment dollars including:

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In our industry niche, you’re only as good as the success you’ve made for others. But, don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the real estate investments DMI Holdings has participated in.

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Eric Mattingly, President and Founder of DMI Holdings, LLC, is a real estate and business entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the private capital industry. He has been involved in organizing over $2 billion in investment transactions controlling assets such as: single-family, residential and commercial multifamily, commercial, mixed-use, condominium development, and mobile homes as well as private and hard money lending.

Mattingly is a nationally recognized public speaker and creator of “The Wealth Building Strategies” teaching investment strategies and concepts to thousands of investors around the U.S.

His passion outside of his career in the private capital industry is Martial Arts. Eric is a 9th Degree Black Belt Grand Master in Mixed Martial Arts with 48 years experience. He still trains personally and teaches his top Black Belts and his 4 Kids who also have a passion for the arts. 

Leon Shasteen, a Texan entrepreneur, is the Co-Owner of DMI Holdings, LLC and has been responsible for capitalizing over $1 billion in real estate and business expansion opportunities from 2011 to present. Shasteen places a high value on building long-term personal relationships with the DMI investors.

A devoted father of two and loving husband, Leon relishes spending time with his family and building his presence in the community.

Outside of his career and entrepreneurial ventures, he enjoys many outdoor activities such as sport shooting, hunting and fishing. Leon is heavily active in local charities giving back through donations and participation in projects and events.

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