The Resilience of Apartment Investing: Why It’s Recession Resistant

credit squeeze, taxation, purse

The need for shelter, affordability, flexibility, and a diverse tenant base contribute to the stability of this asset class during economic downturns. Real estate investors are always seeking opportunities that can weather economic downturns and provide stability in the face of uncertainty. Apartment investing has long been recognized as a recession-resistant strategy due to its […]

Maximizing Multifamily Investments with Bonus Depreciation

DMI Holdings Blog - Multifamily Investing - Getting the Most out of your Investments through Bonus Depreciation

To take advantage of bonus depreciation, multifamily investors must ensure that their assets meet certain criteria. Investing in multifamily properties has long been recognized as a lucrative venture, offering potential for steady cash flow, long-term appreciation, and tax advantages. Among the numerous tax benefits available to real estate investors, bonus depreciation stands out as a […]

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